Ultrasound – Cancer prevention

The gynecology clinic has one main goal, the early prevention of 5 cancers in the general population: Cancer of the cervix, endometrium, fallopian tubes, ovaries and breast. Also, with the more general history taking and comprehensive medical examination, other cancers in the abdomen and the rest of the body are often diagnosed and referred to other specialties. It’s a “luxury” of basic screening that men don’t have.

Ultrasound is a key weapon in early diagnosis. Gynecological cancers unfortunately very often have an insidious initial appearance. Uterine cancer often causes menstrual disturbances, which are confused with hormonal or climacteric disorders. Ovarian cancer is often completely asymptomatic in its early stages – a typical silent killer. Modern ultrasound as a diagnostic tool will detect small polyps in the uterus and cystic formations in the ovaries. It will map size, morphology and Doppler vasculature, in 2D and 3D imaging. The experienced doctor collects and utilizes the data and uses modern scoring systems (IOTA, O-RADS) to arrive at a reliable diagnosis and timely prevention.

In our practice, I now have the fully developed Voluson E6 ultrasound with the possibility of 3D gynecological imaging. The exams are accompanied by a detailed opinion-documentation.

Standard O-RADS scoring in suspicious ovarian neoplasms