Our Practice

Alex. Kalogeropoulos, FRCOG

We are located at 64 Kifissias Avenue, Maroussi at a modern office building.

Our goal is comprehensive diagnosis and treatment and simultaneous information and practice of preventive medicine. Your gynecological visit includes:

Amalia Michaelidou, MRCPCh
  • Complete personal and gynecological history
  • Clinical general and gynecological examination
  • Pap smear test
  • Assessment of the acidity (pH-measurement) of the vaginal wall
  • Ultrasound (GE Voluson E6 with Doppler, 3D imaging and elastography) and scan report
  • Counselling and discussion, focused on prevention.
Irini Christopoulou, Secretary

Especially on your first visits, our assessment will be accompanied by informative CDs and brochures. If there is a relevant indication, we can immediately organize:

Vassia Georgopoulou, Midwife
Theodora Spanoudi, Student Midwife
  • Colposcopy (with or without a biopsy) with documentation
  • Complete fertility check-up, within the framework of the renowned ‘One Stop Fertility Clinic’, at our clinic, which includes
    • Sperm assessment
    • Ovulation cycle monitoring
    • Sono- hysterography
    • Office Hysteroscopy with a flexible Storz hysteroscope
  • Fertility Treatments (Ovulation Induction, Insemination, IVF) with most visits being organized in the familiar space of the clinic with intimacy, discretion and excellent success rates.

The obstetric follow-up program for pregnancy at our clinic includes:

  • Clinical examination to ascertain the presentation, shape and position of the fetus
  • Ultrasound at each visit to check the growth, anatomy and weight of the fetus and the health of the placenta.

The results are transferred to growth curves and analyzed simply and reassuringly. Parallel ‘four-dimensional’ (Real-Time 3D technology) views compose an extremely impressive image of the fetus and its anatomy.

  • Control at each visit of general urine with highly sensitive reagents, blood pressure and weight.
  • Information brochures and CDs at the beginning of pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound at 12-13 weeks of gestation (nuchal translucency) and counseling for the risk of Down syndrome.
  • Analytical examination of the vascular circulation of the fetus (Doppler) at 32-33 weeks.
  • Regular CTG monitoring after 36 weeks.
  • Continuous update from our team. Our midwife monitors and advises on the preparation for childbirth and breastfeeding. The Paediatrician-Neonatologist Dr Michaelidou informs about the preparation for the baby and its equipment with informative brochures and the organization of parent groups.
  • Blood tests and cultures, if required.
  • Amniocentesis, if required.